Commercial Or Promotional Advertisements

Fresh Personas Media can and will fully produce your commercial advertisement. By providing you, with the highest quality you and your brand desires, that is our mission.Your commercial advertisement once complete will be broadcast ready, for Television & or Internet use.

Commercial Or Promotional Animation

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Fresh Personas Media can provide white-board animation & cartoon animation. Animation can provide a different perspective. This is a unique way cater, to a wide range of potential prospective clients.

Drone Footage

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Fresh Personas Media has drone services available for filming, or ariel photography. We have access to a network of licensed & insured pilots. We can take your project to the next level, with an amazing aerial footage. Please note, FAA restrictions apply, not all areas are available for this service.

Filming & Editing

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Fresh Personas Media is a full- service production company. We provide live video recording & editing services. Capturing every detail in high definition is very important. Editing is pains-taking portions of this process. This can make or break your project. Our editors can give your project the right perspective for maximum results. This is what your brand needs to stand out from the competition.

Audio Production

Soundtracks are the heartbeat of the project. Your sound choice is critical. This decision can have an everlasting positive or negative effect. Keep this in mind, you can not use someone else’s music to promote your brand With-out permission. Fresh Personas Media offers custom audio production. Sounds Scores, Jingles, or custom Instruments.

Live Social Media Broadcasting

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“Going live” can be a daunting task. Why do it by your self. Imagine trying to hold the camera in the right position so you look your best. While also trying to host and entertain your audience. That’s a lot of work! This energy can be spent catering to your viewers. Let us take away the headaches. Fresh Personas Media provides live social media broadcast services. Let us take care of it for you. So you can focus on what really matters, the viewers! We offer single and multi-cameras angles to cover all aspects of your broadcast.

Voice Over Services

The right voice can captivate the audience. This can give your message the right substance, that will enhance your brand advertisement. The right voice is a critical key factor, to capture the audience. Fresh Personas Media can provide multi-language voice-overs, to maximize your brand expansion.

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